Accelerating Growth and Development

INFOPATH, a vanguard for workplace learning, creates versatile high-quality interactive, technology enabled, and effective training programs that measurably improve organizational performance for corporate and government training, workforce development, skill building, and programmatic training. Our customizable courses integrate instructor-led, self-directed, and collaborative learning with cutting-edge flexible tools, such as interactive DVD, Web-DVD, CD-ROM, webinars, on-the-job training aids, and e-learning. We bring together the best in instructional design, classroom methodologies, instructors, and new media productions.

Good instruction enhanced through relevant and engaging media creates powerful learning opportunities. INFOPATH specializes in blending sound instructional design principles with media-rich technologies. This combination encourages the development of critical-thinking skills by immersing learners in a fun and interactive learning environment.

The INFOPATH team has over 10 years of extensive experience delivering results-driven training that bridges the gap between knowledge transfer and practice. Whether it’s onsite (workshops, train-the-trainer, technical/training assistance conferences), or remote (webinars, video, webcasts, online courses or interactive CD-ROMs), we develop customized programs that meet our client’s special needs.

Our dynamic approach is driven by skilled trainers, client specifications, research, audience analysis, and subject matter expertise.

Our services include:

  • Interactive distance learning
  • Front-end analysis and evaluation
  • Training needs assessment
  • Instructional design and curriculum development
  • Workshops, webinars, on-the-job training aids, and online training modules
  • Intelligent instructional systems

We understand the way people learn, how to engage them, and the methods to design memorable and engaging learning experiences that inform and motivate.