Past Performance

Success You Can Measure

INFOPATH has worked closely with diverse clients to solve complex challenges. See a sampling of our results below.

Client and Contract

Department of Housing and Urban Development Disaster Housing Assistance Program (DHAP) IKE Case Management Program Management, Technical Assistance and Training Contract.

Challenge: The initial challenges were to (1) develop technical assistance guidelines and protocols, as well as, demonstrate a customized web-based performance management tracking tool within 7 days of award; (2) fully deploy the system within 14 days of award; and (3) train 500+ users on the case management tracking tool and provide best practice disaster case management training to grantees dispersed throughout the U S within 90 days of award.

Ongoing challenges were to (1) ensure that the grantees were in full compliance with the HUD/FEMA guidelines and were successful in helping the families impacted by Hurricanes Ike and Gustav to achieve self sufficiency; (2) ensure the integrity of the data input into the case management tracking system; and (3) report weekly program outputs and outcomes to HUD. INFOPATH generated 10+ weekly reports analyzing the program results.

Results: INFOPATH engaged 100% of the DHAP IKE Grantees in the TA and training program. INFOPATH successfully performed impact and outcome evaluations of the program.

Client and Contract

Department of Housing and Urban Development HOPE VI Community Support Services (CSS) Technical Assistance and Training Contract

Challenge: INFOPATH provided TA and training to 10 troubled sites throughout the United States. Sites changed throughout the program based on successful completion of the TA and movement from the troubled list.

Results: INFOPATH successfully improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the HOPE VI CSS troubled sites increasing organizational capacity and program performance.

Client and Contract

wire2netllc – Forest City Washington Mentor Protégé and Workforce Development Programs

Challenge: As a subcontractor, INFOPATH supported wire2netllc in creating and establishing the Forest City Washington workforce development and mentor protégé program initiatives. The tasks included (1) designing and implementing the programs; (2) aligning the business goals of Forest City Washington with general contractor objectives and obstacles; and (3) selecting the small businesses to participate in the program based on program goals, small business organizational assessment, and potential for a positive mentor/protégé working relationship.

Results: The growth of the small businesses selected was remarkable both from an increase in organizational capacity and revenue stream perspectives.

Client and Contract

Small Business Administration (SBA) Entrepreneurial Development Conference and Workshops for People With Disabilities

Challenge: INFOPATH coordinated with 14 SBA district offices in 14 cities to plan conferences and workshops. INFOPATH provided administrative and technical support services to SBA. The challenge was balancing the needs of each district office while meeting core project goals. The objectives were to: (1) establish and coordinate links among federal agencies, local service providers and local agencies; (2) plan a conference designed to reach people with disabilities who were current small business owners or potential small business owners; (3) plan, develop and design training workshops; and (4) develop written information materials/tools. In conjunction with SBA, INFOPATH briefed the White House Committee on People with Disabilities on the plans, objectives and strategies for the conference.

Results: INFOPATH implemented successful outreach strategies and conference planning for each city. As a result, INFOPATH was awarded additional contracts: (1) designed and developed a web-based HHS/SBA course and (2) designed and developed the prototype SBA information dissemination kiosks, which were linked to SBA’s website.

Client and Contract

Resource Consultants Inc – U.S. Navy Personnel Command

Challenge: Meeting a short delivery turnaround was the most significant challenge. INFOPATH was responsible for the development of a U.S. Navy enlisted manpower and Personnel (M&P) computer-based tutorial for Aviation Organizational and Intermediate Maintenance Personnel Managers. INFOPATH performed the front-end analysis, instructional design, content breakdown structure, audio and visual design, and development functions.

Results: The ISD effort resulted in a dynamic, robust and well-received course.

Client and Contract

United Negro College Fund/USAID

Challenge: The significant challenge was completing an IT design task without conducting an onsite visit. INFOPATH relied on University and UNCF personnel to be the eyes, ears and feet on the ground. We worked from floor plans and photos to complete the deliverables. INFOPATH provided IT consulting services to support the University to University International Development program between Atlanta Clark University and the Universite Abdou Moumouni. We performed an IT project assessment, which included a needs analysis, architectural design and a customer readiness evaluation for a computer lab design for the Universite of Abdou Moumouni. INFOPATH recommended the LAN/WAN design, equipment and software configuration, and room environmental requirements.

Results: INFOPATH effectively coordinated with a local contractor in Niger to install the lab. The team successfully met all deliverables.